What have I learned?

When I finished writing my first manuscript, it didn't occur to me that it would take so ridiculously long for me to repeat such a feat. Hell, I could probably start knocking two or three of these out a year. 
Ugh. Just... ugh. 
Because in reality, I probably could have. Or at least one a year. You get the idea. Explanations, excuses, blah blah blah. But I didn't. Regardless of reasons, I didn't. That's the bottom line. 
So now I find myself nearing a wrapping up point on my first large-scale world building exercise. Otherwise known as the on-again-off-again project I've been working on for the past few years. 
And this is so much less smoothly done as the first go 'round at writing a book start to finish, even ignoring the time spent on it. Because my first manuscript? Written in less than a year - probably a matter of months. I've already mentioned how long I've been working on this patchwork mess.  The first time, I learned I could do this. I could f…

Old Person Crabby

I had an expectation, while waiting for my foot to heal, that once the walking boot could come off it would be smooth sailing.
This couldn't be further from the truth. 
My foot hurts worse now, especially at night, than it did the last month in the walking boot. My ortho advised that if the pain began to build I should probably switch back into the boot. Both my husband and my dad have suggested recently that I should slip it back on for a while. 
That feels like defeat. Like failure. Says the voice in my head, not the tone from their words. 
Stubborn? Me? Why do you ask? While my ortho guy is top of the line, with explicit directions on taking care of everything step by step post surgery, there wasn't a lot of chatter on what to expect during healing. And with the exception of if it hurts a lot put the boot on followed by if the pain goes nuts come back in, there wasn't a discussion on what to expect now that the bones knitted back together. If you've spent much time …

The Year That Was

So long 2017. Greetings '18.

I thought I'd take a few minutes and ponder the year that was my 2017.

Our pack size regained it's happy medium (in theory) when without warning I committed our family to a new four-legged member. It took almost a year after the loss of our other dog and everyone else was more than ready by the time the wild hair took hold and a squirming, furry bundle of kinetic energy chewed through our front door and into our lives. I made it through the "puppy blues". I made it through teething (barely). He's my little snuggle buddy (or more accurately, I'm his) and has livened up all our lives.

The bullet journal didn't revolutionize my life. Sigh. I am chronically, systemically, hopeless unorganized. My life is also humdrum, mundane and predictable - until it's so far into explosive chaos without warning that I can't see straight. That's the two settings of my life. These things I was not able to reconcile with the additi…

How Bad Do You Want It?

I have been completely and totally out of focus when it comes to blog posts the last several months.

Yeah, I'm real broken up about that.

I'm a little bummed in that I had, with a few slow times, kept up to a twice a month posting schedule a LOT longer than I expected. I could highlight how everything going on can be best summed up by describing my life as dangling off the side of the Titanic just before it makes its final descent.

But that would be a bit dramatic. Plus, it's just not that cold where I live.

Social media reminded me that about this time last year I wrote a blog post about that nerdiest of nerd holidays: National Novel Writing Month.

That's right, it's NaNoWriMo time, kids! That batshit crazy time of the year when thousands of people lose all good sense and try to cram writing 50,000 words into 30 days and try to act like it's the most fun ever. All while trying not to crack like Humpty freaking Dumpty.

For all my bitching and moaning (a beloved…

Something Wicked This Way Comes

All year long various people have been asking me about taking a vacation. Which is weird, because usually the only people who talk to me about traveling are the few people I actually travel with. Because a vacation implies there is time and money and availability and resources and a shit ton of other factors that magically align. 
With the addition of our new dog this year, I officially wrote off any hope of traveling - let alone 'vacationing'. (I'm sure this reflects poorly on me, but somehow I can't shake the idea of a vacation being something wealthy television characters take in the 1950s. Or in the case of a particular doctor who has asked at each visit this year, multi-week world-tour like expeditions to amazing and exotic locales. 'Cause doesn't everyone go to Australia on a whim for their 5th or 6th trip of the year?)
And then once we rounded summer for the autumn, the urge to see an actual seasonal change starting kicking me in the gut. My family and I…

Adventures of a different sort

One week ago, I, along with whoever else remained in the state of Florida, braced for the coming hurricane. Hurricane Irma was a big ole beast of a storm. And I've got to tell you, it took everything I've learned over the course of nearly a lifetime in this state to make it through the past two weeks with a dose of relief.

Irma went on her merry, destructive, psycho-ex-girlfriend-level-crazy way by Monday afternoon.

Let me rewind a little though. The week leading up to her arrival, my spidey-hurricane sense tingled. I began a snotty blog post about rising hurricane hysteria but never got back to it. And while the hysteria doesn't help anybody and it's a big part of frustration during hurricane season, I'm kind of glad I didn't finish that bitch session before Irma bitch slapped us.

It's exceptionally rare that I do any kind of hurricane prep. Seriously. The local news stations whip everyone in a frenzy, and usually it doesn't come near us. Last year wa…

What a ride

After hopping off one of my favorite theme park rides last night during a quick evening visit with my husband, I thought of a half-way viable blog post. 
What one ride from each of the four local Disney parks would I love to ride non-stop if given the chance.* At least once (though a vague memory says maybe two or three times) cast members let me stay on a ride as many times through as I wanted during a slow evening. It was magical. There, I said it. Alas, last night's visit didn't have an extended-ride-experience but the ride I was on is one I'd love to stay on. 
*I'm restricting this to the mouse's house for a simple reason: Every single ride at Universal Studios' parks (with the exception of the Dr. Seuss and ET rides) I've been on is gone or been overhauled. Which should give a fairly good idea of how long I've spent away from theme parks until recently. Speaking of which, why isn't 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride on the…